How We Buy Houses in Massachusetts


How We Buy Houses in Massachusetts

When we buy houses in Massachusetts, we put all our emphasis on meeting your precise needs as a seller. Our process starts with asking you very simple, straightforward questions regarding the condition of the property and your goals in selling it. We will ask you questions about the condition of the roof, whether the plumbing is working, and other types of repairs the property may need. Even though we will have some detailed questions about the condition, please be as open as possible and know that we will buy your property no matter what condition it is in.

Cash offer with no closing costs

After you reach out to us for an offer by calling, texting, or submitting the request form, we will quickly research the data for your property, as well as similar properties that have recently been listed or sold. Once our brief analysis is complete, we will contact you to present your offer. The offer that we make to you is a cash offer, meaning we don’t use any conventional financing, or the loans that tend to slow down escrow. Also, we pay all the closing costs and no commissions to agents are involved.

We buy in any condition

Conventional buyers are notoriously picky, but that’s not us. BostonBd will buy your house in truly any condition. Even if the only thing left of the property is the foundation, we will make you an offer. Don’t worry about fixing things up, it’s typically not worth it, and it will take time. In nearly 100% of cases, the money that you might spend on making improvements will not be recovered when you resell the property. For example, if you install a pool for $10,000 it may only yield you an additional $5000 in sales price.

Choose your closing date

If you have any reason that you’d like to pick a closing date in the future, we can professionally accommodate your situation. We can put the agreement in place to secure your offer, while you make new living arrangements or handle any matters that need to be addressed before selling. You can pick any date in the next 6 months for your closing, knowing that the amount we offer is the price you’ll walk away with at closing.

Maintaining your privacy

Working with an investor to sell your property offers the additional advantage of maintaining your privacy. Since the sale of your property will never be marketed to the general public, you won’t have to worry about providing showings or dealing with buyers. It will minimize questions asked by neighbors, coworkers, and family about the sale of your property, allowing you to keep your business to yourself.


If you’re ready to sell your property now, and you don’t want to wait 60 to 120 days or longer for your home to sell, working with an investor is the perfect solution. We eliminate all the closing costs, repair worries, and buyer hassles. We buy houses in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, including rentals. Reach out to us today at (617) 250-7100 or click here to request an offer.

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