How Do We Buy Houses in Massachusetts?

It’s a simple 3-step process that can bring you the money you want from your home or rental property in less than two weeks:

Step 1-Gather Information and Prepare Your Offer

We start the process of buying your Massachusetts home by asking you a series of simple questions to verify information about your property and determine the condition. But don’t worry, no matter what condition your property is in, we will buy it. After we’ve gathered all the needed information, we’ll conduct some basic market research and prepare your offer. Once the offer is ready, which typically only takes a few hours (or less), we’ll present your offer.

Step 1-Gather Information and Prepare Your Offer
Step 2-Mutual Agreement & Short Escrow

Step 2-Mutual Agreement & Short Escrow

After we’ve presented your offer, and you’ve seen that it’s the best and fairest offer available, all you need to do is sign and return the documents. This can be conveniently done by fax, email, and postal, whichever works best for you. Escrow will be opened the same or next day and the process will move forward promptly. Our goal is to close your transaction as quickly as possible to allow you to move on with your personal goals.

Next, we’ll schedule a time to come by and view the property. We’ll verify the condition of the home and take photos. No matter what we find, we’ll still be able to buy your property. Our specialty is taking any home, old or new, worn or remodeled, and creating a safe, efficient, and affordable home for a family in your local community.

Step 2-Mutual Agreement & Short Escrow

Step 3-Closing Check in Your Hands

You’ve made it! In no time at all you’ll have a substantial closing check in your hands. There won’t be any stress or need to go through showing your property or conducting repairs. We’ll take care of everything and ensure the transaction closes successfully.

Step 3-Closing Check in Your Hands

To get started, call (617) 250-7100, or complete the offer request form for an offer in minutes:

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