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Selling your home is an important decision. What is the best way to move forward when you need to sell your house fast?

BostonBd was created to offer homeowners efficient and low-stress selling solutions. We buy homes without any of the drawn-out negotiations and escrow issues associated with listing your home on the market and dealing with over-zealous real estate agents and judgmental buyers.

We will buy your property:

  • In any condition.
  • With no closings costs.
  • As-Is. No repairs or cleanup needed.
  • With a closing date of your choice.
  • At the highest and best price.
need to sell your house fast - image

Why can you trust BostonBd when selling your house for cash?

We are a reputable investment firm operated by licensed and ethical real estate appraisers in Massachusetts. You can expect extremely professional and friendly service from professionals that have built their family business by following through on promises and always giving their best to every client.

If you need (or want) to sell your property in the least amount of time, for the highest price, BostonBd is ready to ask you a few simple questions and make you a qualified offer backed up by years of experience and substantial capital reserves.

When we make you an offer, you will be certain that we will close on your property by the date promised, and that no matter what the condition of the property, or the circumstances surrounding it, we will buy it. Traditional buyers, represented by an agent, demand that you pay commissions, make numerous repairs, and wait indefinitely while they try to get their loan approved. Since we have cash on hand, there will be no loan or appraisal delays:

To get the fastest offer call us at (617) 250-7100, or provide a few details here:

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