5 Easy Fix-Ups to Get Your Massachusetts Home Sold Fast?


5 Easy Fix-Ups to Get Your Massachusetts Home Sold Fast?

When you want to sell your home quickly there are several options to achieve your goals. The most common and practical way is to give your home or rental a quick cosmetic touch-up to get it ready to show.

What are the most practical and cost-effective fix-up strategies to sell my property fast in MA and get the best price?

That’s what we’ll answer in this article. Please read on to explore 5 essential strategies that will get your home or rental sold in the absolute least number of days. It’s no secret: there better it looks… the faster it sells.

Straightening-up and Doing a Little Organizing

This is the easiest way to get your home sold fast. Spend an afternoon with friends and family, or hire some outside help, to clean up the front and back yards, porches, and parking areas. The same thing goes for inside your property: ask for help or hire cleaning pros to make sure your home looks and smells great (this goes a long way to ensuring a timely sale). Inside the home, it’s very important to organize and de-clutter to make it as pleasing and inspiring as needed to attract retail buyers. Buyers must be able to image living in the property to seriously consider moving forward with the purchase.

Put a Coat on It

This sounds like a big job, but it doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. If the paint is in relatively good condition, there’s a chance you can bring up the value and get it sold faster by touching up cracks and faded or water-stained areas. Where the paint is peeling and requires more work, it may need to be completely repainted. Although this can cost in the general range of 2-5k for a typical single-family residence and 4-10k for a small multi-family, it can be worth spending the additional cash to ensure a fast sale.

Primp the Landscaping

Curb appeal counts. Clear out as much as possible, especially any plants that aren’t doing so well, to let the eventual buyer visualize and see the potential of the home as their own. If you have the time and funds, plant inexpensive perennials and shrubs to give the property a fresh look. If the lawn needs major care, consider removing the grass or groundcover and tilling the dirt to aerate the soil and provide a blank slate to the ideal buyer.

Make Sure Everything Works

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing… make sure it all works. If you’ve been living in the property, this may already be that everything works. In most cases, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot to fix up all the odds and ends that need to be addressed to avoid repair requests and delays in escrow. Consider offering a home warranty plan that provides complete protection for all the property’s systems.

Payable at escrow and usually under $500, warranty plans give you tremendous peace of mind should anything breakdown after closing. Let the buyers know exactly what’s wrong with the property to avoid getting sued when they discover problems that should have been disclosed, as is legally required.

A significant benefit of selling to an investor is that since we don’t plan to live in the property, you’re not required to make any disclosures about the condition. We’re buying it as is with all its charm and imperfections. This includes any problems or ‘material facts’ that could negatively affect the value of the property.

Make it Easy for the Buyer to Buy

This one isn’t really a repair, but some advice about how to do some extra little things, requiring minimal effort and expense, that add tremendous additional value and build goodwill in the transaction, resulting in your home being sold fast.

Be sure to be available for showings. Tradition buyers need to see the property and build an emotional connection with it; whereas, investors make an objective decision and are ready to close promptly. Without any loan, appraisal, or repair request issues to deal with, selling for cash is a relieving experience that gets great results and lets you move forward with your homeownership goals more quickly.

Our final advice is to price it right. Set a competitive listing price that considers the location, condition, and age of your property. While it’s tempting to overprice, it will lead to less interest and a much longer selling period.

If you’re ready to sell your property for the best price and skip all the tedious steps involved in the traditional selling process, call us at (617) 250-7100 or click here to request an offer.

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